Mend Your Marriage Massage

"Amazing, you have to try this..."

Formerly Hands from Heaven Massage, Jayne Massage presents “Mend Your Marriage Massage”  I am so excited to share this new modality with you. Designed for  couples, especially couples who are struggling with issues of  intimacy, trying to find ways to ‘connect’ with their spouse or simply strengthen what they have. 

This therapy has been achieving great success in helping couples feel close,  communicate, relax and find that healing warmth that may have been missing in their current state. Sometimes it has even been a helping factor in healing the marriage itself. 

Ask about the ‘threefer’ package. Three succeeding sessions that  begin with teaching you, the husband and wife, some ‘how-to’s’ of  massage as well as the techniques that will help you make a lifetime of  better connection and even a better marriage.

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